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Classes are based on demand- please email us for more information including dates, times and levels offered.


NEW ! Remote Privates- Telephonic Learning - Almost Anytime, Almost Anywhere

Remote Privates - Mountain Dogs offers remote privates for all levels in Nose Work. Students email mtnnosework@gmail.com, sign up and schedule a first session to chat about your dog and handler training and trial experience in Nose Work and more importantly, your training needs. Our Certified Nose Work Instructor, Jill Kovacevich, will craft exercises and assignments for each individual team. Students are asked to video (if possible) and submit their video assignments for feedback and discussion. This one on one approach provides focused coaching for one Nose Work team at a time.

Fees- Remote Privates- $35.00 per hour; You can use the eLearn class fee of $35.00 at mountaindogs.org CLASS ENTRY FEES page. Schedule- We schedule Remote Privates Monday to Friday 8 am to 5 pm MST. Let us know what works for you ! Video Review- We ask students to take video of their assignments and email mntnosework@gmail.com a link. If you are not familiar with how to do this process, we can walk thru the steps during your first Remote Private.

Welcome to valued Nose Work training- no matter where you are, almost anytime, almost anywhere !

Jill Kovacevich, CNWI
Mountain Dogs LLC




Introduction to Nose Work

Dogs have an amazing sense of smell and a natural desire to hunt. This class focuses on providing you and your dog with a training experience to develop your dog's natural ability and desire to hunt. It's a great class for you and your dog to have fun, build confidence, immerse yourselves in the first stages of scent detection training and burn lots of mental and physical energy all while improving your canine human bond. All levels- not yet on Odor. 

Introduction to Odor

This class advances our dog and handler experience and skill development in natural scenting and hunting skills to search for specific essential oil, also known as "target odors" including birch, anise or clove.  We focus on expanding our dog's scent discrimination skills while improving our handler skills of observation. Additionally, we introduce techniques and methods to experience and improve dog/handler teamwork. High food or toy motivation is beneficial for this class.

Continuing Nose Work

Continuing Nose Work is for dog/handler teams that have completed Intro to Nose Work and Intro to Odor classes and have met minimum proficiency in finding the initial target odor with adequate team communication of the "find". This class will continue to develop handler skills and will introduce the .teams to additional target odor(s)


Advanced Nose Work/ Competition Prep

Advanced nose work is designed for experienced dog/handler teams and will expand both the handler's and the dog's understanding of the target odors and the concepts of nose work. This class is geared towards tactics, advanced handling and off-leash work. The teams will learn to navigate more intricate and challenging training scenarios 
Our Advanced Nose Work class may be combined with students working on Competition Prep. The Competition Prep class is for students that want to prepare for K9 Nose Work trials. Students must have either already competed in an ORT/ NW1 trial or have completed up through an Advanced Nose Work class taught by either a CNWI or an ANWI.

Online Education

AVAILABLE NOW AND MORE OPTIONS COMING SOON ! We offer online and/or remote learning for individuals as privates or groups with training sessions custom tailored for you and your Nose Work team(s) at all levels including Intro to Nose Work ! Just email mtnnosework@gmail.com for more information.

Our Coaching Staff - NACSW Certififed Nose Work Instructor(s)

 BIO- Jill Kovacevich, CNWI

Jill is the owner of Mountain Dogs LLC founded in 2012 located in McCoy Colorado. She specializes in K9 Nose Work training, hosting trial events and supporting NACSW in multiple ways. Prior to her involvement with NACSW, she trained for many years in obedience, volunteered for Vail Pet Partners, Eagle County Humane Society and participated in Dock Dogs with her border collie Digger. In 2011 she discovered Dana Zinn at Zinn Dog Training in Wheatridge, CO and began her journey with Digger in K9 Nose Work. Jill is also a former Colorado licensed attorney and certified medical administrator working with her husband Guy, in health care in Avon, CO for over 18 years when not involved in dog training. She supports NACSW as a Certified Nose Work Instructor, Trial Site Advisor, Certifying Official - Trial Division (NW1-NW2), ORT Certifying Official and Judge, Score Room Lead NW1-NW2, 2015 and 2017 National Invitational Event Committee and hosts multiple trials annually in Colorado. Jill has titled with her dog Izzy at NW3x2 and has reached Elite CH with Digger now participating in the Summit League division.

Jill has also been a professional ski instructor and scuba diving instructor utilizing progressive positive sports training methods, a style of teaching she now uses as a key foundation in developing, enhancing and enriching the human-canine bond with every K9 Nose Work handler-dog team from Intro to Nose Work to Elite and beyond.  Jill teaches regularly in Eagle, Grand Junction and Wheat Ridge Colorado and offers remote telephonic and online training.

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