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Spectator Guidelines

Quiet please while dogs are searching

Turn cell phones off while in the competition area

Minimize entries and exits to search areas.  Do not enter/leave an area while a dog is searching

No discussion of any aspect of hide locations or search areas until the competition is completely over please.  You may inadvertently give information to a competitor who has not run.  You never know who might overhear you

No video, including, but not limited to, the search areas, the dogs working in the search areas, debrief, or awards ceremony

No photos of the search areas, the dogs working in the search areas,  or the debrief

Photos may only be taken of dog/handler at their vehicle or handler receiving award

Photos of the teams and the search areas are only permitted by photographers retained by the trial host or the NACSW™

Person or persons disregarding any of the above will be asked to leave

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