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Nose Work REMOTE eTRAINing 
"Inspired progressive learning customized for you and your dog"

Edcuation and Classes - NOW AVAILABLE

Our online and/or remote training modules are customized to each student or group of students from beginners to top competition teams. Please email us at mtnnosework@gmail.com for more information.


Online Education- Be Inspired by Nose Work eTRAINING

Are you looking to engage your dog in the fun sport of Nose Work but dont have the time
or schedule to attend a dog training class ? Are you attending a class, but want more from your training ? Do you live in a NO Nose Work class zone or hours away from regular training ? Are you home schooling your scent detection team and hoping for the best ? Are you hungry to do more and continue building an effective and efficient competition search team ? Find  out MORE about our Nose Work eTRAIN learning system and find the education, inspiration and progressive learning customized for you and your dog. Become INSPIRED with Nose Work eTRAINING ! Email us now at mtnnosework@gmail.com. 

AVAILABLE NOW AND MORE OPTIONS COMING SOON ! We offer online remote learning for individuals as privates or groups with training sessions custom tailored for you and your Nose Work dog at all levels including Intro to Nose Work ! Just email mtnnosework@gmail.com for more information.

NEW ! Remote Privates- Telephonic Learning - Almost Anytime, Almost Anywhere

Remote Privates - Mountain Dogs offers remote privates for all levels in Nose Work. Students email mtnnosework@gmail.com, sign up and schedule a first session to chat about your dog and handler training and trial level in Nose Work and your training needs.

Our Certified Nose Work Instructor, Jill Kovacevich, will craft exercises and assignment for each individual team. Students are asked to video (if at all possible) and submit their video assignments for feedback and discussion. This one on one approach provides focused coaching one team at a time.

Fees- Remote Privates- $35.00 per hour; You can use the eLearn class fee of $35.00 at mountaindogs.org

Schedule- We schedule Remote Privates Monday to Friday 8 am to 5 pm MST. Let us know what works for you !

Video Review- We ask students to take video of their assignments and email mntnosework@gmail.com a link. If you are not familiar with how to do this process,
we can walk thru the steps during your first Remote Private.

Welcome to valued Nose Work training- no matter where you are, almost anytime, almost anywhere !

Jill Kovacevich, CNWI
Mountain Dogs LLC

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