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Mountain Dogs, LLC provides top-notch certifications, competitions, training and education at reasonable rates. From seminars to workshops, there are ton of learning opportunities available for your K9 Nose Work® team. Contact us for more information.

Trial Fees

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Paypal-- Upon payment if you are prompted to login to paypal or create a paypal account and do not wish to do so-- please return to make payment after Monday September 14 2020- as the Paypal button website integration has a glitch to be repaired 9/14/20. Thanks.

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Gift Certificates

You can email us to redeem your gift certificate, which you can use to cover your trial entry fee. Learn more by contacting us.

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Class Entry Fees

You can make a payment for any of the class fees via PayPal. The registration process is not complete until payment is made. If you wish to use a gift certificate to pay for your class entry fees, email us. Thank you for your patronage.